January 22, 2023

Title: Qualified!: I Cannot/Will Not Accept That

Have you ever had the feeling of insufficiency?  We begin a series of looking at being Qualified through the grace of God, even when we do not have the confidence to be such.  We start the series by looking at the apostle Paul, and his arrogance of not accepting that something could change.

January 15, 2023

Title: Making All Things New: A New Name

What is the power of a name?  Simon was given a new name and a new purpose almost as soon as he met Jesus.  You, too, receive a new name through Christ.  What does that mean for you?

January 8, 2023

Title: Making All Things New: The Rightfulness of New

God is against the status quo. For things to remain the same is against what God designed for world to be. He longs to see transformation, repentance (which means to turn the other way), and new life in all of creation. Today we talk about just this as we begin a NEW year.

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