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Children and Youth

Children’s Advent 2022

Star of Bethlehem Ornament

This Christmas you are invited to make a Star of Bethlehem Ornament for you tree.  Here are the directions for you to make your own ornament.  Feel free to make one for a friend as well.

Click Here to get the directions.

Merry Christmas

Welcome to Advent Journey 2022

This year, we will be adding a new “journey” to help you prepare for Christmas.  If you are a part of Harlingen Church, you will get your supplies at church each Sunday, and much of the project will be done there.  If you miss a Sunday, or if you would like to do this from home, we will update the directions to complete this week’s project, to also include the materials.

We hope you take the time to journey to Bethlehem and to Christmas with us this year.  To begin, Click Here.

Merry Christmas


We love having children in worship with us.  Many parents fear the noise of children are a distraction for others.  Truth is they are a blessing for many.  The joyful noise of children is music that God created.

Each week our pastor prepares a special message for the kids.  We also have specially designed bulletins to help the kids stay occupied while learning about God’s word.  We do have a nursery for children to go to if they become discontent.  The service is streamed into that space.  Several times during the year, we have a special season where the children go out to work and learn a little more about what Mom and Dad are learning in church.