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Harlingen Church

The congregation was organized on May 18, 1727 and known as the “The Church over the Millstone” with its services conducted and its records kept in the Dutch language. Many of those archives have been preserved and inventoried by current church members.

The first building was erected in that same year next to the graveyard still active a mile and a half north of our church. However, subsequent theological differences and questions of authority caused a split in the congregation. In 1749, liberal members withdrew and built a new house of worship on the same location as the current church in 1752 at a cost of about $1,500. The congregation became known as The Church at Sourland.

When the church was incorporated in 1801, the congregation adopted the name “Harlingen” in recognition of the devoted service and recently lost Rev. Johannes Van Harlingen.

It has served as the spiritual, cultural and business focal point in the development of the community for generations.

The house of worship was rebuilt in 1804 and again in 1851. Unfortunately a 1912 tornado blew over the steeple and was replaced with the current steeple. The Church House (Fellowship Hall) was constructed in 1925 for fellowship gatherings and was renovated in the summer of 2021. In the 1960’s, the church was lifted so a basement could be dug underneath to add needed classrooms and office space.