Journey Through Advent Project – Week 4

This week, we are in the last week before Christmas.  This is the week we make the final plans for Baby Jesus to arrive.  We do this by making the manger and Baby Jesus.

A manger is really a tray that was used to feed the animals.  Can you imagine a baby being born in an animal’s food dish?

When you finish your manger this week, place it in your stable and wait for Christmas to place Baby Jesus in the manger.

The Manger

Step 1:  Take a tongue depressor stick and trim off the rounded ends.  But the rectangle into 3 equal parts.

Step 2:  Take 2 of the pieces and glue them into a V-shape on the third piece as shown.  This is your manger.

Step 3:  Place a little of the crinkle paper in the manger for the hay.

Baby Jesus

Step 1:  Wrap a piece of cloth around the baby peg person.

Step 2:  Use a fine tip marker if you would like to draw a face on Baby Jesus.

Step 3:  Place Baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning.